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Parent to Child:

“Your dad/mom left us.”

“Your dad’s new marriage is illegal because his new wife is too young.”

“Your dad’s/mom’s new baby isn’t your real brother/sister.”

“Your dad/mom doesn’t pay/pay enough child support.”

“Don’t invite Dad/Mom to your school concert because I noticed he/she wore flip-flops to your last concert and will embarrass us again this time.”

“I am going to ______ this weekend!  It will be so much fun!  Do you want to visit your dad/mom, or come with me and have fun?”

“You have too much homework and you won’t do it at your dad’s/mom’s, so you should stay home this weekend and finish it.”

“Your dad/mom ruined our lives!”

“If your dad/mom really cared he/she wouldn’t put his/her new spouse before you.”

“At least I still have you.  Promise me you’ll never leave like your dad/mom did.”

“It’s not safe to visit your dad/mom.”

Parent to Targeted Parent:

“You are not allowed to drop DD/DS off in front of my house.  Drop her/him off at the end of the street.”

“I do not have a home telephone.” or “You are not allow to have my home telephone number.”

“You are not allowed to call the house, only call my cell phone.”

“You are too irresponsible to take DD/DS on vacation.”

“DD/DS has too much homework this weekend and can’t visit you.”

“DD/DS doesn’t want to talk to you/see you and I don’t want to get in the middle of it.”

“DD/DS is not home now/is busy/can’t come to the phone…”

“DD/DS doesn’t want to hear about me.  You’re destroying him/her.

I never tell DD/DS son lies about you, they just know how you really are.”

If  you have experienced any this, parental alienation is playing it’s ugly game.  If these type of statements have been directed towards you, you are the Targeted Parent.  If you have caught yourself saying anything like this, or anything at all derogatory about your child’s dad/mom, please realize what you are doing to your child and cease this behavior immediately.

Children need BOTH parents.  Children have a right to LOVE BOTH parents.  Children deserve to be LOVED by BOTH their parents and their extended families.  The more LOVE, the healthier the child will be.

Parental Alienation IS Child Abuse.