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When dealing with a narcissist, the calm before the storm is always an eerie feeling. Some people are lulled into a false sense of security. Beware, like the calm before the tornado…or hurricane for that matter, the narcissist is gathering strength from afar, yet waits to strike.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy many people are without electricity throughout the North Eastern seaboard. We too are without power. Interestingly enough, tragedies have the ability to bring humankind together as lives are lost and so much is lost.

That’s what happened here in this house; bonding and rekindling relationships over a little bit of heat and comfort food, being thankful to camp out at my in-laws who remained with power. My BFF, aka, my sister-in-law were in withdrawal after a blowout last month. But like any sisterly tiff, after we were forced to be in the same house, sharing electricity (as NJ is in a state of emergency), we ended our night in hugs and “I love you”, and “I missed you so much!”, and reaffirmations that we are still “sisters”. The greatest-feeling type of makeup ever!

Stay with me here… You see, like the storm that causes tragedies, which brings humankind together; the narcissist was the storm that attempted to wreck havoc on our family, after an eerily calm (before the storm). However, it was the storm, both literal and figurative (Hurricane Sandy and the narcissist) that brought my sister-in-law and I back together after the longest month of my life.

God does work in mysterious ways. I do think this was a divine intervention by Yahweh, Himself. My in-laws were witness to the narcissist’s cunning and conniving attempts to strike like the devil itself. Their reaffirmation in support of me was indeed a quick remedy to heal my bleeding heart…

So, as a snuggle up with my husband and kids, sharing a bedroom at my in-laws, I feel grateful for this blessing in disguise. Without it I may have forgotten the power of forgiveness and the love that can come out of a tragedy.

Oh, how I wish I could share the juicy, imaginative, details of this saga, but the narcissist will be monitoring my post. That, and I’m working off of my Android; my index finger will only get me so far…

Stay safe out there. Thank you to the amazing heroes who are rescuing the real victims, who are leaving their families to clean up the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left in its path.

And to the narcissist, get over it. Quit your lying, playing the victim, and conniving tactics to keep me from creating awareness for Parental Alienation. Anyway, I love you despite your immense hatred for me. I allow God to give me divine strength to forgive you, to love you, to keep you in my prayers. My family is the wind beneath my wings, without their support none of this could be possible.

Life gave me lemons, so I made lemonade. God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways.