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Narcissists tend to think they are “too good” for most people and are always seeking “better” relationship alternatives

A narcissist will stop at nothing when he/she fears the truth about how ugly and cruel he/she really is is about to be exposed. The favorite weapon in his/her arsenal is the smear campaign and have no doubt that he/she will use it to ruin another person’s credibility, reputation or good standing in order to prevent his/her fake perfect image from being exposed or damaged.

Abruptly leaving a Narcissist that you have a long-term relationship with can send the Narcissist into revenge mode.

Think about what would happen if you denied a crack addict crack. They would get desperate, and might do some outlandish things to get their “fix”.

This is what a feeding Narcissist is like, and if you leave without a careful plan, the Narcissist might get their “fix” aka your blood, from spreading lies to your friends, getting you fired from your job, getting you evicted from your apartment, won’t let you see your children, and try to ruin your finances just to name a few.

They will do what they have to do, and will get very creative to suck the last bit of energy aka your blood out of you ! Leaving is the ultimate goal, but learning the Narcissist’s feeding habits and devising a good plan is usually the most effective way to escape the fangs of the Narcissist.

They tricked you into being a victim.

Sometimes given the circumstance you have to trick them into believing you’re a poor energy supply in order to make an “almost” damage free escape!