ImageI don’t always have insightful and meaningful posts, nor do I always have depressive or introspective posts, but I feel I should.  However, I also may very well take a turn with this blog and start expanding my scope of intimate stories I share with you.

Here I’m just going to share my utter joy with you.  This  past week has been absolutely amazing; Christmas celebrations, family gatherings, an abundance of food, laughter and tears, and cuddling up next to my husband and kids in the warmth of our cozy home and simply enjoying our blessings of being together.  This abundance of love and affection and complete acceptance towards my family and friends reminds me of a phrase that can be used to sum up my entire existence on this planet – Semper Fidelis – “always faithful”.

I first heard this term used, other than the Marines, in one of my most favorite books, “Here If You Need Me” by one of my most favorite women, Kate Braestrup.  If you haven’t read it already I highly suggest you do.  Kate Braestrup is an amazing woman who wrote a novel about her spiritual journey after the death of her husband.  A certain scene in her book plays out in my mind; after Kate’s State Trooper husband is killed in a car accident she follows through on her word to personally hand wash his body instead of allowing the funeral home to handle such care.  This was so deeply touching that my husband and I agreed to do this for each other; of course which ever one “goes” first will be free from holding up their end of the bargain.  My husband and I remind each other of our loyalty through the words, “Semper Fidelis”.

Death for some of you is not a cozy subject like it is for me.  However, this post is not about death, it’s about enjoying our loved ones while we are alive and making the most out of every moment that we spend together.  This, my friends, is what this Christmas was for me.