I helped my mom create this blog back in August. I’m surprised at how much I missed when I originally read it. I understand it with sense of clarity now that she has passed on to her “new” country. Mom, I hope Heaven is just like mid-coast Maine, where we’ll meet again along the rocky beaches and maybe take a stroll out to the lighthouse. I love you.

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The Birth of The End

(Originally written on June 19, 2012)

Back on May 22, 2012 a famous surgeon and a famous oncologist told me that if I would take chemo, I would be able to have a “couple “of extra months of life.

I immediately thought of a series of times in my life that I would gladly have relinquished a “couple” of months and been grateful to have them gone to wherever non-lived lives go. Did they sink into the sofa I took to after my mother died, or did they go out with the ‘empties”? Perhaps the non-lived lives scampered down the hallway outside the principal’s or boss’s office where I have stood waiting on more than one occasion. Do they pile up in slush-like mounds of “if only” during divorce proceedings? There are myriad possibilities for non-lived lives to slither away unnoticed, leaving only pointless…

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