So, you’ve been Googling the web for information on Parental Alienation because you are at your wit’s end.  Maybe you’re caught up in the court system with a plethora of professionals who are Ordered to be a part of your heartbreaking “custody battle”?  Maybe you just left your house and are desperately trying to find out what the heck is going on with your kids?  Maybe you are still living in your house, with your abusive spouse, and your children are turning on you and taking on your spouses persona?

Your goal is to find a community of people who understand your situation.  Maybe you are looking for support, or to become active in spreading awareness, or possibly educating others who are going through this.  So where do you look?  There are countless Facebook pages, Yahoo Groups, various Meetups, and Organizations throughout the country that can provide support.  However, beware, you may find yourself in more conflict with some folks on these forums than with the alienator.

First you should decide what type of group you want to be a part.  Support?  Do you want to find people to lift you up when you are down, or tell you their experiences and what worked or did not work for them?  Maybe you just want to spread awareness about the family court system and the pitfalls one can easily fall in to?  Maybe you would much rather join an organization that already has its feet in the water in order to bring about change.  Whatever it is you are looking for, try to find a specific group.  It is my experience that when these topics are mixed, then more conflict and in-fighting arises, and I’m sure that more conflict is the LAST thing you are looking for.

So, browse Facebook.  Contact your local Parental Alienation awareness organization.  Search  Google, Google, Google.  Hey, if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always start your own!

Here’s a tip:  Try not to get sucked into the heated debates, arguments, and instigators’ ploys to upset you; they very, very rarely make anyone change their minds.  Although, I have to say I’ve personally learned a lot about people in the PAS community by getting sucked in, and therefore it has broadened my understanding of this whole conundrum; although I’ve never felt good after getting sucked in.

Good luck!