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I’ve always been proud of my maternal side of the family (I don’t know as much about my paternal side).  I am proud to come from a long line of sturdy Irish/Scottish women who were independent and educated.  My mother, my grandmother, and my great-aunt were all college graduates.  My great-aunt never married (yet she was a stunningly beautiful woman), and devoted herself to God, and, yowzers, was she independent!  My great-great-aunt was also an amazing independent woman!

So, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that I, too, hold these strong, independent characteristics.  As you well may know already, as I make it clear that I consider myself a Feminist.  I refer all readers to the definition, as provided by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.  However, due to NOW’s position that Parental Alienation is “junk science”, I’ve since backed away in disgust.  However, there are so many other issues that women face, that even though I disagree with NOW on this point I am still a member in good standing.

The reason for this blog post is because recently I’ve witnessed I ugly side of those who claim Parental Alienation.  I was attacked because I am a feminist, as was attacked because I am a woman.  In shock and horror, I spent about two weeks going head to head with a handful of men (and one woman) in order to come to a deeper understanding about what fills these people with such hatred.  I entirely understand the anger that some folks harbor, especially if they’ve been falsely accused and experienced the favoritism that is set up for women (and, I contend, any abuser) who wishes to abuse the system.  However, these people went far and beyond anger.  I saw hatred in its purest form.

Some of their posts really got me thinking?  Am I still a Feminist?  Have my views changed about women’s rights?  Well, folks, that’s why I chose to re-evaluate my beliefs to see if I could still relate to Feminism today, as I could seven years ago when I first “officially” labeled myself as a Feminist.

(Bored yet?  Hang around a while; the nitty gritty about why I was forced into this quandary will be found towards the end.  I dare not disgust my readers and turn you away from my page in offense, thus I offer you ample time to prepare your departure from my page and fair warning of what you will expect to read: PROFANITY, EXTREME VULGAR LANGUAGE, REPULSIVE PHOTOS WITH ANTI-WOMEN “JOKES” WRITTEN ACROSS THEM, AND INTENSE ANTI-WOMAN LANGUAGE.

So, what is a thirty-something year old girl to do when faced with the most extreme anti-woman/anti-feminist behaviors I’ve experienced in my entire lifetime?  Google it!  Yes, I Googled “Why am I a feminist?” I found a couple quizes that I immediately decided I would work into this blog post.

The first listing on Google that I set my eyes on was good old Seventeen Magazine online.  Actually, I was quite pleased with Seventeen when I saw their quiz, and I wanted to see what type of questions young girls today presented with.  I’ll post the questions and my results below:

1. How do you feel when a guy holds open a door for you?

A:  Okay, but I know I can do it myself. 

(What I really think: When ANYONE holds the door open for me: “Thank you, that very was nice.”)

2. Do things like marches, protests, and petitions help feminism?

A:  Yes! Those things are so important to women’s rights.

(What I really think: Heck yeah!.”)

3. A friend tells you she wants to be a stay-at-home mom someday. Your first thought?

A:  “Cool … but is that really what she wants to do?”

(What I really think: All the work mothers do, whether paid or unpaid, has social and economic value.)

4. Would the world be a better place if women were in charge?

A:  No: Instead, we should aim for a 50/50 balance so everyone is represented equally.

(What I really think: Possibly, BUT, we should aim for a 50/50 balance….)

5. Can a guy be a feminist?

A:  Yes, and we should work with guys to make a more equal world for everyone. 

(What I really think: HECK YEAH!  Jesus is my favorite feminist!!!)


You’re a Liberal Feminist

You believe that girls are just as capable as boys (duh!) — but that girls might need more support in order to combat centuries of sexism in our world. You focus on how to make the world a better place by making rules that help women, like protection from sexual harassment and equal pay for equal work.

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Next, I found a questionnaire at http://personality-testing.info/tests/FPS.php, and after taking a quick glance I decided it would suit my needs quite well.  Although I won’t list the questions and my answers due to the length of the quiz, I’ll list the Intro, Procedure, and my Results”

This is an interactive version of the Feminist Perspectives Scale, a measure of feminist and gender attitudes.

Feminism is a group of political movements broadly represeting women’s interests. There are many different forms. The Feminist Perspectives Scale developed by Nancy M. Henley et. al. in 1998 measures five types of feminism that have typically been distinguished from one and other in the study of feminism in the United States, as well as a generic anti-feminism. The scales of the FPS are liberal feminism, radical feminism, socialist feminism, cultural feminism, womanism/WOC, and conservatism.

The test consists of 60 statements that must be rated by how you view them on the scale: (1) disagree (2) slightly disagree (3) neutral (4) slightly agree (5) agree. Each item should be responded to quickly without over-thinking. The test should take most people not more than six minutes.

The Feminist Perspectives Scale differentiates between a generic brand of non-feminism (conservative perspective) and six types of feminism. Your calculated score are at the right, although you should only take these scores as a guide. Only you can truly decide what ideology you follow.

Perspective Score
Liberal feminist 46
Women of Color 41
Radical feminist 37
Cultural feminist 29
Socialist feminist 28
Conservative 11

There you have it, folks!  I am, indeed, a Feminist!  (You’ll see that I score a mere 11 points as a conservative, Ha!)  Apparently, I am what they call a Liberal Feminist.

However, interestingly, no questions exist in any quiz I’ve sough out about the state of divorce, equal parenting, or lifetime alimony.  Hmmm, that’s something to work on.  😉

Alright, now it the time to reveal what led me to this path.

On a certain popular Facebook page dealing with Parental Alienation I have witnessed misogyny like I’ve never seen before in my entire lifetime.  Such a hatred for women that I never knew existed.  There was so much anger being spewed that I thanked God for my own peace.  WARNING: DUE TO THE GRAPHIC, VULGAR LANGUAGE, IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO THIS, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO EXIT…

“Any woman is better off with one good real man for a friend than a whole bunch of hateful feminists.”

“Maybe if more women who believe they’ve been alienated from their children cared about the truth, then there wouldn’t be any problems after they realize they haven’t been alienated and that they are the alienators.”

“Most women are vile, manipulating bitches.” (A woman’s statement)

“Yes but the government and feminists teach children to hate fathers and all men. It is institutionalized in law, politics, society and finance.”

“Feminism has screwed up every single well-intentioned enterprise in the past forty-five years.”

FUCK OFF (name withheld). You need to be placed in a straight jacket in a padded room and locked away for life.  (name withheld)- you are a heartless evil bitch. Any person on here who has a heart, a soul and an ability to understand personal suffering and experience, will see you for the CUNT that you are. Have a shitty day, (name withheld).   (A woman’s statement)

“As far as ADHD, that is a bogus diagnosis and mostly the result of forced fatherless homes. This is fact.”  (A woman’s statement)

“Oh, (name withheld)- are you really a woman? Or just a white knight who is missing a pair between his legs.”  (A woman’s statement)

“You meet one feminist, you’ve met them all.”    (A woman’s statement)

“…you talk like a really stupid feminist girl with no regard FACTS, LAW or HUMANITY.”


“AA is very similar to Feminism in that it teaches the “Victoms” that they “Have a disease” and their choices are beyond their control. I.E. A FREE PASS”

“Someone has their balls in a purse” (Directed towards a man who was standing up for women)


“Just another woman with an identity issue I see, you just wish you were a man – hence the Feminist role you play.” (Directed towards a man who was standing up for women)

“This is why the Nineteenth Amendment must be repealed and the voice of women in government silenced once and for all…  Most people would rather eat than let women vote and an increasing number are coming to the realization that the two are mutually exclusive. Because of feminism, women have been reduced to a pestilence or plague upon the landscape. They’ve gotten worse than cockroaches.”

“The whore Hillary Clinton better learn something from the other whore Julia Gillard before she ascends to the Presidency.”

“IDIOTS! femini$$m-samesexualty are pseudological lies, the making of antisocial destructive feminized homophiled shitizens ..”

“…every little girl and woman benefits to excess and lives like pigs at troughs at the expense of the lives and livelihoods of innocent, responsible and hard-working men.”

“Men always cooperated; women never did…”  (A woman’s statement)

“So, please with all due respect, if any at all, feminists can “fuck off.”  (A woman’s statement)

“I would love to see a woman survive one day without all the benefits from the labor of men.”

“Women have always been the single most privileged demographic of any population throughout the history of the world. Any instances in which there is the appearance of women being oppressed, the men are more oppressed. By far. Not only are women the most privileged demographic today, they enjoy their privileges at the extreme and unnecessary expense of the lives and livelihoods of men and children.”

“They [women] are parasitic, predatory and opportunistic, without conscience, shame, guilt or remorse. They are simply psychopathic. Manipulating everyone with the public spectacle of their chronic victimhood. Our countries can no longer afford the cost of a woman’s chronic victimhood. So either the chronic victimhood has to go or the women do. I don’t care which.”

“…women need men much more than men need women. Without men, the average woman simply wouldn’t survive. Without women, the average man would thrive. Solution: get rid of the women.”

“Most fathers are forced from their children’s lives by the mother and not by choice. Mothers alienate from day one and it is their initial voluntary choice not to agree to 50/50 physical custody with the father that gives mothers the added time and opportunity to “continue” the alienation, and not what makes the alienator. This is common sense.”  (A woman’s statement)

“You’re a feminist. That’s enough to hold against you.”

“Like the Bible says, don’t hate the sinner, but the sin and to be aggressive against evil. Feminism is evil and I am going to continue to be aggressive against it.”   (A woman’s statement)

“Feminism is not founded in scholar but lies and propaganda. Almost all the body of scholastic literature refutes claims made by feminism. One in four women on college campuses will not be raped. More likely one in 72,000. Incidence of domestic violence does not increase on Superbowl Sunday. One in three women will not be victims of domestic violence in their lifetimes. But more men are victims of domestic violence by women than women are by men.”

“The only thing that has sent you into a feminist hysteria is the fact that you have been asked questions. That is all it takes to send a feminist over the edge. Your just one of many feminists that I have encountered; you meet one you’ve met them all. Feminists are not unique. They do not stand out.”  (A woman’s statement)

“Fathers, always cooperate…  There are many red flags to pay attention to and women lose their credibility…for many reasons. One of the biggest red flags is that they LOVE to talk about domestic violence.”

“The problem is, so very many women make it so easy to not respect them, to not like them and to want nothing to do with them. Just take a look around, simply observe their words, actions and conduct.”  (A woman’s statement)

“I found most women to be cruel, vicious, and judgmental and to put it bluntly, liars and criminals. Criminals who remain free of responsibility and accountability… most women are bitches. I will add greedy, selfish, vile bitches.”  (A woman’s statement)

Also, I’ve had to looked up several terms that were being used to refer to the some men that were standing up for women.  Here they are (and just as shocking as the language used towards women):


  • A white knight – also known as “Captain Save-A-Ho” – is a man who steps in to resolve a woman’s problems of her own making. These problems include paying off the woman’s debt, fixing her car, or protecting the woman from an angry ex. White knights do these things for free, thinking it’s the “manly” thing to do, with the hope or expectation of reciprocation.
  • A mangina is a man who argues in favour of equal rights and responsibilities for women, but bends over backwards to support women if those responsibilities prove to be inconvenient for them. This includes verbally attacking other men if they happen to hold a viewpoint that isn’t favourable to women (I get this a lot).
  • A pussy beggar is a derogatory term, often used synonymously with “nice guy” (another derogatory term), for a man who adopts manipulative behaviours to gain a woman’s favour. The difference between these and “nice guys” is that “nice guys” aren’t putting on an act.

So, there you have it.  This should warn you about the fanatic type of men and women that are lurking in the communities of Parental Alienation support forums (although I must point out clearly that it is only a handful, yet they sure do made a lot of noise).

So, if you read my previous posts I was leaning towards a more neutral term, Equalitist, instead of Feminist due to some organizations take on Parental Alienation.  However, after my recent experience I am damn straight holding tight to my Feminist label.

This is not to say, however, that I don’t stand for men’s rights.  This is not to say that I don’t believe that men get the short end of the stick in certain circumstances.  This is saying that something needs to be done.  Women’s right and men’s rights are HUMAN RIGHTS.  Above all, I stand for HUMAN RIGHTS.

Do you want to branch off and join a gender-equality movement with me?

Here are some links you may find interesting (This is not an endorsement for any organization or opinion, rather an FYI):