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So, I’m wondering how ADHD and Parental Alienation have become intertwined.  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a problem of not being able to focus, being overactive, not being able control behavior, or a combination of these. For these problems to be diagnosed as ADHD, they must be out of the normal range for a person’s age and development. I’ve heard many people in the PA community also bash ADHD.  Here’s my problem with that argument: ADHD encompasses a much larger community than that of the PA community, or single parent community for that matter.  In fact ADHD  is so prevalent, that the number of children ages 3-17 ever diagnosed with ADHD equal 5.2 million children (source: CDC).  That is a huge statistic.  Boys by far outweigh girls.  WHY is this? 

First, I have to say that my opinion on the cause greatly differs from that held by some in the PA community.  In fact, I take a more holistic approach, and what I’ve learned over the course of about 8 years in regards to ADHD, autism, and other such related issues that have bombarded our kids over the past few couple decades at an increasingly alarming rate is that there is something much darker to the cause of these diagnoses.  No, I don’t not believe it is single parent homes, or Parental Alienation… I believe it’s the vaccinations and toxins in our foods that our kids are being bombarded with.

Why do I believe this?  Well, for starters because my son was diagnosed with ADHD.  My son is from an intact family, who is conscious about healthy living and communicating.  My son, who is nearly 10 years old, has had this type of temperament since he was a young baby.  From the time he was about 6 months old I noticed his level of energy.  By the time he was walking he was very careless and fearless about what he could do, whereas developmentally children usually learn to use caution in new situations.  When he was 3 he started running away from our home-literally would open the door and run down the street.  Every temper tantrum I ended up chasing him down the road.  He was very impulsive, especially when he became angry.  To prevent this behavior, my husband and I installed numerous locks on our front door.  How many times the police have been called because we couldn’t find him (his specialty is finding secret hiding places in the house when he is angry), or lost him when he ran away at an amusement park or the mall, or how many times we had to shut down a major department store because he ran away.  BOY, this kid was quick!!! I started putting him on a “leash” and you wouldn’t imagine the looks I got from strangers.  In fact, I gave those same looks at people before I realized it was literally a life saver.

Fast forward a number of years, his teachers became more aware of his difficulty in concentrating in school and his work was greatly affected.  He went through the school testing and we put an Individualized Education Plan into effect.  I took him to a specialist who diagnosed him with ADHD, although we had already known this for years.  However, I chose not to medicate him.  In fact, as a general rule of thumb, our family is more holistic minded and we don’t do “meds” as many people do.  The children have religious exemptions for vaccinations, and if you’ll look into the statistics and the big business of BIG PHARMA, you just might agree. (Talk about government controlling people- forcing us to inject toxins into our bodies, and people voluntarily popping pills for all sorts of “ailments”.)

However, after about 4 years of going the natural route (i.e., dietary changes, fish oil pills, natural remedies, etc.) I am at my wit’s end.  In fact, after really thinking about ADHD (Inattentive type) I have come to conclusion that I suffered from this my entire life.  I don’t need a doctor to tell me that.  Since my son has an IEP in place and I’ve been researching vaccinations since 2005 I have met many parents in the ADHD/Autism/LD community, and I have to say that most of them are intact families. 

However, there is indeed a high correlation between ADHD (and related issues) and divorce. Why is that?  I believe that the studies show that the additional stress that is created from having a child with a disability adds to the pressure of a relationship and puts a couple at a greater risk of getting divorced.  Do I believe ADHD is over diagnosed?  Hell yes.  Do I believe that children are being over medicated?  Hell yes.  Do I believe some parents medicate kids instead of researching and implementing behavior modification techniques?  Yes.  Do I believe that Big Pharma and the Government have a perfect union?  Yes.  How does that involve the court system and divorcing parents?  I have not a clue.  I haven’t made any association as of yet…

So, if you have some information that you would like to share, by all means please do so.  I think it would be interesting to read your comments.