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Stand Up For Gus, (Jason Patric) Out of curiosity, I wonder what the percentage of celebrities is that don’t include their names on their beloved children’s birth certificates. Be a man, if you want to be a father. Admit your shortcomings, admit your faults. Admit that Danielle is not the only immature one in this instance, and I’m sure you’ll get even more folks on your side. I’m all for equal parenting and father’s and mother’s rights, but I believe that the truth goes further in finding justice… In essence, you signed away your rights as a father with the letter you wrote and by shirking your responsibilities as a father by refusing to have your name on the birth certificate. Any father I know that desires a child does not say “don’t put my name on the birth certificate”. My father had to fight for his rights to get his name on my B.C. Your semi-celebrity status argument does not fly, especially with me. However, who am I? I’m just am adult child of Parental Alienation that believes some celebrities don’t believe they have to follow the rules of humanity. You’re human. Start with some humility.

Wow!! After I wrote that I realized that I have some very strong feelings about this situation. I am a loner here on this one.  Nearly everyone in the Parental Alienation community is supportive of Jason Patric.  Why the heck am I so against him? And, for that matter Danielle Screiber?  Oh! Not to mention their lawyers.  What is it? 

I suppose I’ll have to give it some more thought.  However, this simply could be my intense psychic abilities guiding me. 😉