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I was for it before I was against it, or maybe I’m against before I’m for it….. Meh.

I was very interested and excited about the upcoming documentary, Divorce Corp, but after deeper investigation I am not all that sure I can support their agenda, simply because they don’t appear to value stay-at-home-mothers, stay-at-home-fathers, or caregivers. That’s a huge issue for me. With supporters such as Gloria Allred and Dr. Drew, it’s difficult to believe that they would support devaluing the work that caregivers and stay-at-home-parents provide. Following is a short correspondence I had with them today:

Divorce Corp:

“We are saying take the money out of custody battles and let the parents coming up with a sharing arrangement that is (not financially motivated) that really is best of the children. When money is out of the equation, parents act more rationally towards their children’s interests. If there is an accusation of abuse or neglect, it should be tried in criminal court. But absent such accusations, if the parents cannot agree on a custody schedule, then it should be 50:50. Thanks. 

We believe that for all marriages going forward (not people already married) alimony should be governed by a support agreement between the couple. In other words, discuss it before getting married, or even during marriage, and work out the roles. But if one party or the other does not agree to a dependent / provider relationship and refuses to put it in writing (again for all marriages going forward, not retroactive) then no alimony. As for child support, we believe there should be a minimal amount for the basic needs of the children, not a windfall for the non-custodial parent. Again, if the couple wishes to supplement that in a dependent support agreement, fine. But the government-specified amount should be the minimum for necessities and should not change with parental income or with % time awarded. This will stop 99% of the fighting. Thanks.”

My Response:  That is very disappointing to hear. My reason is this, because you yourself include in the trailers that pre-nups don’t work. Essentially, what you are saying is that the couple should decide alimony before getting married, but yet your documentary states that “even the best contracts can’t stand up against the court system”. In essence, you are also against family values since you believe both couples should remain in the paid workforce, while the babies spend their days in the hands of strangers. I’m not saying anything is wrong with this, however, for some families this is not an option. You are completely against a stay-at-home-parent caring for the needs of the family. I support alimony reform, but you go far and beyond (alimony reform) with your staunch views. Hmmmm. Something to consider.  I also cannot deny that it hits home for me, as a SAHM, who is a strong advocate for mothers and caregivers rights. The work we do has value, and you want to devalue it. I have a problem with that.