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Well, if you missed it, here it is. Sara Hassman, founder of Parental Alienation Solutions didn’t have such a good run on the Dr. Phil show. In fact, it was really uncomfortable to watch and cringe-worthy. She claims her ex-husband alienated their children from her, yet her actions may make the viewer think twice.

Even if Sara Hassman was alienated from her children by her husband, Sara sets a very good example for other target parents to learn what NOT to do. Everything she did on the show, everything that was documented, discussed, disputed, whatever-DON’T DO IT!

But, above all, don’t treat your child the way Sara Hassman treated her daughter! If your child is willing to meet with you and opens up: DON’T ROLL YOUR EYES; DON’T MAKES CONTORTED FACES AT THEIR STATEMENTS; DON’T IGNORE OR BELITTLE THEIR FEELINGS; DON’T TALK OVER YOUR CHILD; DON’T TELL THE CHILD WHAT THEY FEEL IS NOT THE TRUTH!

It’s unfortunate that I have to go against someone in my own community, but let’s be real here. Even though I give much leeway to target families to “act crazy”, I think Sara’s behavior goes above and beyond. Even if she has been alienated, this is not the way to build a better relationship with your children.

This episode aired in November and I hope that there has been progress in Sara and her children’s relationship. I have the deepest desire for Sara and her children to find peace and solace. Fingers crossed.