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Over the past few years I have voiced my opinion that we need family law reform, we need equality in family courts, but most of all we need to take our divorces OUT of family law courts. However, today is the day that I change course. Instead, I say NO we do NOT need Family Law Reform!


We need to spend as much time, energy, and resources into strengthening families as we spend helping families to break apart. NO. We need to put in MORE time, MORE energy, and MORE resources to strengthening families.

I have been deeply immersed in the Parental Alienation community for a few years and I have had the pleasure of meeting some absolutely wonderful parents who have gotten the raw end of the deal in their marriage, in their divorce, such that their lives are forever altered and what they believed was a strong foundation crumbled like ashes under their feet leaving them broken, lonely, and desperate.

I have always wondered if this was a symptom of something much larger than Parental Alienation strategies. I wonder if some Parental Alienation strategies come out of two people having power in a divorce and doing their damnedest to hold onto what is naturally theirs; the children being the most natural result of a productive marriage or relationship. I mean, when you really think about it, divorce (with children) is so UNNATURAL. It’s contrived. It’s life altering process that affects not just one life but three or more.

Save for reasons of abuse, infidelity, addiction, etc…