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This video, Patrick Speaks, is what life is really about! Humans are beautifully complex animals who want to love and be loved, accepted for who they are, and simply want and need equality. What outlet do those have that can’t be or won’t be heard, or don’t have the ability to communicate and have others understand them?

This touching story about Patrick proves that God is good all the time! In the same vein, as Americans are experiencing throbbing emotions on both sides from the decision in Ferguson last night, culminating from the underlying years of oppression or privilege, we simply want and need the same thing that Patrick does – to love and be loved, to be accepted for who we are, and to expect nothing less than equality. But what if some don’t have the ability communicate their frustration, or what if their words have been falling on deaf ears? I am feeling a great sense of love for humanity at this time, because that’s what God wants from us.

I stand with Ferguson. I stand with the Brown family. I stand with Darren Wilson. Peel away the labels, the badges, the colors, the socioeconomic status… we are human and we need to be loved, just like everybody else does.

“They still don’t care. They’re never gonna care. I’ve been here my whole life.” – Leslie McSpadden