I write on my own behalf.  I have experienced Parental Alienation in some form my entire life; as a child of Parental Alienation and again as a step-mom.  I have a beautiful family; a handful of biological children and a bonus step-daughter, yet our family is incomplete as my bonus-daughter struggles with PAS.  Nevertheless, when life hands you lemons…make lemonade.
I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
I shall fear only God.
I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
I shall conquer untruth by truth.
And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.

Children NEED both parents.  Children DESERVE both parents.  Children have a RIGHT to BE LOVED and to GIVE LOVE to both parents.

Parental Alienation IS Child Abuse.

Contact me at parentalalienationnj@gmail.com


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your site! I think in many ways we have much in common. Maybe we could join forces to spread PA awareness or simply be sounding boards. If so, please feel free to email me.

    • Parental Alienation Support and Advocacy NJ said:

      Thank you! I would be greatly interested in connected with you to increase awareness awareness of PA. You are right, we do have a lot in common. I’ll send you an email. Thanks, again.

  2. I’m so glad I found your site! My husband and I have been dealing with the fallout of his very high-conflict divorce and the most extreme efforts of parental alienation on the part of his ex-wife. It’s been heartbreaking to see how its torn his kids apart. Finally, after a year and a half of accusations and court battles, we’re finally starting reunification therapy. It’s so helpful to be able to better understand the effects of parental alienation and have some insight and perhaps better understand some of what the children have been experiencing. It’s been a hard, lonely battle for us and its very encouraging to see an effort on your part to bring this issue to light. Thank you!

  3. Parental Alienation Support and Advocacy NJ said:

    I’m so glad you found this site, too! I will send positive energy your way for a successful reunification therapy. Stay strong and positive!

  4. I love your site and I’m so glad I found it too. I advertised your site in my site today (Saturday), I hope that makes you smile. kevinpedersen1.wordpress.com

    Wow! wonderfulwickedstepmother gets to be part of reunification therapy – I only heard about that the other night on Jill Egizii’s blog talk radio. I never actual met a parent who found court support before. This is an amazing discovery for me. Keep up the great work!

  5. Glad we have a mutual follow, and like your blog. I hope to have my book (first of two) on my experiences as a target parent of alienation out around Christmas.

    I think you’ll find it of interest, especially since feminism plays a central part in my story. I believe that I can explain the vehemence you’ve experienced as a feminist with a PAS audience. I wouldn’t automatically equate this vehemence with misogyny, although in some instances it may be there.

    Very much looking forward to an exchange of ideas with. Best of luck making lemonade. Although sour, lemons need love too.

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